Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shannon Wexelberg I Have A Song CD Review

Shannon Wexelberg is one of those women so many can relate to. How many women fight with their feelings and faith when battling fertility issues? Going through the years of trying to get pregnant and then when finally succeeding and losing the baby can take a toll on any ones faith; I can attest to this after my many loses, After reading Shannons website I feel it important to share this paragraph with you:

I was still feeling somewhat abandoned by the Lord.  Now, my head knew this was not so.  My faith was strong.  I knew the Word of God.  But all my emotions said..."You are being disregarded by Him."  David felt that was so often in the Psalms...I was not alone.  But in that moment, the Holy Spirit awakened my heart to the garbage I was letting stink up my spirit - the anger, the bitterness, the spoiled-brat attitude.  In that moment, I got a picture of the cross in my mind's eye and I sensed the words, "If the cross was all I ever did for you, isn't that enough?"  Immediately, without a second thought, I bowed my knees to the Lord in that kitchen and asked His forgiveness for all the pride and self-entitlement I had been carrying.  I was a wreck again, but for all the right reasons.  I was undone.

I will be honest after reading this on her site I took a moment to stop and pray. I mean who am I to feel the self-entitlement to think I know what God should grant and bestow upon me. One of my favorite verses in the bible is: 'Seek me and you shall find me when you seek with all your heart.'~ Jeremiah 29:13 You can read more about Shannon's story on her website here.

Shannon has had alot of life's difficulties thrown her way and still managed to put her trust and faith in the Lord. This shows so strongly in her cd; you can hear it in every song she sings. There is honestly not one song on this cd that does not move me to worship! You can hear some of her music and purchase her cds by going to her store.  You can keep in touch with Shannon on facebook!

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