Thursday, April 25, 2013

National Pay It Forward Day

Today is National Pay It Forward Day. I had never heard of this day till I joined the awesome company I belong to, Scentsy Family. Scentsy Family celebrates this day each year with their employees at corporate. It is amazing, they give EACH employee $10 to Pay It Forward in some way. You can read about what they do on their blog. Visit Scentsy Family Bog!

Want to know more about National Pay it Forward Day? You can read all about it here on their official website. Honestly this day is one of the best day's I believe on our calender and I hate I did not know about it sooner!

So this year we are starting the day off by paying for breakfast for the car behind us in the drive through. Out side of that I have not planned out much but I know I will do many more things!
There are so many things you can do today and check out this GREAT printable I found through Pinterest. What a GREAT way to tell someone what you just did! I am turning on the print NOW.

So What can you do to Pay it forward today? Here is a list of my top 10 ideas (of course there are multitudes more!
  1. Pay for someones food that is behind you at a restaurant.
  2. Drop off out grown clothes at a shelter or post online for free.
  3. Give Teachers, Postal Worker, Fire, or Police a small thank you gift.
  4. Put money on a random layaway.
  5. Help an older citizen put groceries in the car or take they cart to the return.
  6. Return all random carts in a parking lot to the store.
  7. Drop flowers off at a nursing home.
  8. Take bottles of water to customer service for employees working outside.
  9. Place in date coupons through out a grocery store.
  10. Pay on someones water, gym, cable, etc bill.
What will you do today? Make today special for a few people and ask them to Pay It Forward. You never know when someone may bless your life!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hit Rock Bottom

So if you have been following my blog you know I struggle with my weight. The motivation is on and off again and I guess boils down to psychologically I have not wanted it bad enough. I mean truly if you want something bad enough nothing is going to stop you. Instead I find excuses NOT to work out everywhere. I am a very busy person.... there is no denying that, yet I know I could find a way if it mattered to me enough.

This morning I hit rock bottom and when I say rock bottom I mean I ended up under the rock.I got up this morning and made my family homemade blueberry pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs. I ate two pancakes (very little syrup-- not a fan, some eggs, and one piece of sausage. After eating I sat at the table not feeling great and a light bulb went off~~~~ This is how I used to feel every time I ate when I was pregnant. Now don't worry I KNOW I am not pregnant so I tore through the hutch to find my old sugar meter. See through all 3 of my pregnancies I was VERY bad gestational diabetic. I am talking specialists and insulin shoots several times a day. My body stopped producing insulin while I was pregnant yet after giving birth my body would bounce back.

I am not going to talk about all the details but needless to say I knew then I needed to lose weight and take better care of my body. Fast forward two years after my last child was born..... the last few months I have felt off. When I say off I mean tired ALL the time, no energy, no drive. I am thirsty NON stop and just have told my husband something is wrong. Well that something hit be hard like a rock today.... After breakfast my sugar was 245..... one hour later 283, two hours later 300!!!! If you don't know about sugars.. ALL those numbers are bad and I mean VERY BAD.

I have spent all morning crying. See we are a one income family and my husband is the one that works. We love his job but it is a mom and pop place with no benefits. I am a full time college student and have three kids. The last time I checked on purchasing insurance I was quoted $475 (lowest) a month PLUS a $50,000 deductible. I am high risk because of my weight (250)...... well let me just tell you there is no way we can afford that and keep a roof over our kids' heads. I feel like a failure.... a failure to myself, a failure to my kids, and a failure to my husband. I knew this was coming if I did not do something to change my life around. Don't get me wrong I did change things.... all sodas have been banned from my kids (always have been), adults can not drink them in my house either. I drink water all the time and we have started eating better. Thats was not enough and I knew it was not enough.

I am worried. I don't know what to do or where to turn right now. I know I am not going to give up and I know where I have to go from here (up) but I am not sure I can. I have hit rock bottom and the only place to go is up. Just needing support, prayers, and motivation to turn it all around.

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