Monday, February 8, 2010

PR/Advertising Information

I am always looking for products to review that meet the needs of your typical family. The ages of my cast: boy (under 1), boy (4), husband (27), and me (26)

Reviews and/or Giveaways:
  • Products can not be returned and must be FULL-SIZE (unless agreed to prior to review).
  • You receive a thorough review of your product, complete with photos and/or video of your product being used.
  • If a giveaway is incorporated the sponsor will be responsible for shipping item to the winner of the giveaway (unless agreed to prior to review).
  • In return, all entries will require visiting sponsors website and commenting on a feature/or some other detail.
  • The product will be tweeted in twitter daily until giveaway is completed (typically 14 days).
  • Reviews only cost nothing.
  • Review w/giveaway cost nothing.
  • Giveaway only will be charged at the rate of $15 a week. This is to cover me posting the giveaway, moderating the giveaway, advertising on twitter, facebook, mommy sites, as well as other blog related sites. This also covers me validating entries, picking winner, and facilitating getting winner information.
I will not review Adult Material, although my husband will be disappointed.

Advertising Space (when review/giveaway is not included):

I am offering a special for 125x125 ads under Sponsor sidebar.
  • Please email me for price options
I think it is important that other consumers are able to hear honest opinions about services and products before spending money in this economy. I believe in full disclosure.

I am currently a PR1 blogger, but please email me at for other blog stats.

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