Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~ Stocking up on Meat

So I get asked the same questions all the time:  
How do I stock up on meat? How do I save money on meat? How do I eat steak on a regular basis?

I decided to do this weeks Thrifty Thursday topic on the do's and don'ts on stocking up on meat.
  • DO buy in bulk IF it breaks down to cheaper. This is where having a calculator is handy. decide per ounce or pound if the bulk package is actually cheaper. There are times it is and times it's not.
  • DON'T buy meat just because it goes on sale! The sale prices often are not as cheap as they make them out to be. A good tip is to make aa note in a notebook of what meat usually runs and then some simple notations of sale prices. What are your store best, median, and worst sale prices as a trend?
  • DO have the butcher cut meat up for you. MOST stores will do this for free. So if you can get a great deal on a roast but its to big for one setting or could easily make several meals. Ask the butcher to cut it up how you like it.
  • DON'T think that because it's at a discount or a buy it now that it's bad. You can buy meat that is about to expire and freeze it for 2 - 6 months depending on the meat.
  • DO learn when your stores mark down their meat. I know that my Food City marks down meat every Tuesday morning. I make sure I am there to look over what is in the bin. (more on this in a moment)
  • DON'T assume cause the price is a little high it's not a bargain. Look at the price and divide by how many portions. I often can get flat iron steak for $4 - $6 a piece. Sounds like not a great bargain; yet I can also get 3-4 servings per flat iron. Hmmmm two meals for $4 - $6 does not sound to bad now.
  • DO remember things like round steak and other 'tough' meats are often priced way lower then other meats yet they work GREAT as easy crock pot dinners. Put the meat in with some seasoning and water let cook all day; serve with noodles, rice, potatoes, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • DON'T stock up on more then you can honestly use. It is not a bargain/saving if you buy things and then have to throw them out.
  • DO stock up on sales for lunch meat. Lunch meat often goes on BOGO sales and it store in the freezer so well.
Okay so I told you in one of the bullet points that  I know my Food City stocks their discount meat on Tuesday's. I wanted to give you an idea of how much food you can get. Mind you I had a screaming, hungry, and tired seven month old with me. I had just dropped my three year old off at headstart and the meat department was still working on putting out the meat. I did not get to wait for everything to be put out.
I got (2) packages of ground pork sausage. It was 3 pounds total. (was 6.00) I paid 2.48 for both. (will be used for 4 breakfast's)
(1) Pack of New York strip steak (was 11.97) Paid 2.33 and it had two steaks in it. They were pre marinated as well.
(1) Pack of plain New York Strip Steak (was 12.89) Paid 1.78 it's one steak but will serve two people.
(1) Package of cubed porkchops. These are GREAT for stir fry or breaded country fried streak. (was 4.58) Paid 1.13 (will serve 4 people)
(1) Pack of Bonless Porkchops. (7 portions enough for two meals) (was 5.97) Paid 2.14
(1) Flat Iron Steak (will serve 2 - 3) (was 7.25) Paid 1.56

Total $11.42 (was 48.66) and will serve about 16 meals/ people for .71 per meal/serving

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  1. Great tips! I think that figuring out how to get "deals" on meat is one of the hardest things for bargain hunters to figure out!


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