Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Where are you?

Living in south Arizona for over 15 years made me miss the snow and winter so much! I can now say I am officially burnt out on snow and cold weather. Aaron has been out of school for more then he has been in it the last two months. I mean I live in Tennessee now so if the weather even thinks about snow they cancel but still. So here I am freezing, stuck at home when I have things I can do, trying to catch up online, and entertain 2 kids. Now to make matters worse Aaron loves school and when he does not get to go he is a royal pain in the you know what! If only he will keep that love for school. *sighs thinking of teenage years*

So this is what it has been like the past month.... Pretty I know. Now if you live in a nice warm place I will gladly trade lives lol!
So I have a favor to all of my readers. If you happen to see Mr. Spring can you send him my way!


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