Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am going crazy

Okay I recently moved with my Mother in law into a tiny apartment in town. I did this to help her financially and because although I am not poor I am not well off either. The thing is my husband works in Nashville and we just can not afford a place there. Now next year when we pay off his truck loan (that he got before he meet me) then we will be sitting pretty.

SO anyways here it is 11pm and everyone in the house is asleep; my mother in law, my 3 year old, and my 7 month old(this one is a shocker). So what am I doing sleeping? UMMM no I am up blogging this weeks blogs since the people below us are banging, yelling, stomping, etc.

Now let me get this straight for you.... I am on the upper floor! I have lived in alot of apartments in my time; especially in my first marriage. But never and I mean never have I heard the people BELOW me. This is not just a tonight thing, this is an every night till 1 or 2 am thing. I have bought a sound machine for my room, I play music in my sons room, and yet they still manage to keep me up.

The saddest part.... they have a 4 year old that is still up; running, screaming, and raising kane....


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