Thursday, April 25, 2013

National Pay It Forward Day

Today is National Pay It Forward Day. I had never heard of this day till I joined the awesome company I belong to, Scentsy Family. Scentsy Family celebrates this day each year with their employees at corporate. It is amazing, they give EACH employee $10 to Pay It Forward in some way. You can read about what they do on their blog. Visit Scentsy Family Bog!

Want to know more about National Pay it Forward Day? You can read all about it here on their official website. Honestly this day is one of the best day's I believe on our calender and I hate I did not know about it sooner!

So this year we are starting the day off by paying for breakfast for the car behind us in the drive through. Out side of that I have not planned out much but I know I will do many more things!
There are so many things you can do today and check out this GREAT printable I found through Pinterest. What a GREAT way to tell someone what you just did! I am turning on the print NOW.

So What can you do to Pay it forward today? Here is a list of my top 10 ideas (of course there are multitudes more!
  1. Pay for someones food that is behind you at a restaurant.
  2. Drop off out grown clothes at a shelter or post online for free.
  3. Give Teachers, Postal Worker, Fire, or Police a small thank you gift.
  4. Put money on a random layaway.
  5. Help an older citizen put groceries in the car or take they cart to the return.
  6. Return all random carts in a parking lot to the store.
  7. Drop flowers off at a nursing home.
  8. Take bottles of water to customer service for employees working outside.
  9. Place in date coupons through out a grocery store.
  10. Pay on someones water, gym, cable, etc bill.
What will you do today? Make today special for a few people and ask them to Pay It Forward. You never know when someone may bless your life!



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