Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mamavation Monday: Week Nine

So this is the last week of 'Move it and Lose it' Mamavation Challenge; I am sorry you have to see the nightmare again! This week has seen so much improvement on my eating. My day is actually eat breakfast about 7:30am, snack about 9:45, Lunch between 11:30 and noon, snack about 3 pm and then dinner before 7. I have been eating apples and bananas and yogurt mainly for my snack. I feel better and have so much more energy! I have gotten back into walking and my goal is to now walk 2 miles first thing in the morning and then 2 miles in the evening. This is GREAT for my kids and they love it! I am also branching out and trying new healthier foods. I posted a great Sloppy Joe recipe on Friday... if you haven't then check it out!

I am amazed at how each day I seem to have more and more energy! Please I need your help on one thing though! I have not been working out at home as much as I need to. Please tweet me and tell me to get my fat a$$ up and work out!

I will admit it has been hard to not eat out at all but I can say I am going to start allowing my self this pleasure every now and then. I promise to make it fit and healthy. Subway helps me to do that! It is important to not totally ban treating yourself every now and then because if you do then your setting yourself up to fail. You will get tired of it all and feel it's not worth it. Did I read this somewhere~ NO it has happened to me before and I am determined to not let it again!

Here are my measurements as of 4/12:
Bust: 51.5
Waist: 51.0
Hips: 48.75
Thighs: R- 24.0 L- 24.5
Arms: R- 14.25 L- 14.5
Here are my measurements as of 5/9:
Bust: 51.25 (-.25)
Waist: 48 (-3)
Hips: 47.75 (-1)
Thighs: R- 24.0 L- 24.5 (-0)
Arms: R- 13.5 (-.75) L- 14.5 (-0)

Here are my measurements as of 5/24:
Bust: 51.12 (-.39)
Waist: 47.50 (-3.5)
Hips: 47.75 (-1)
Thighs: R- 23.75 L- 24.5 (-.25)
Arms: R- 13.5 (-.75) L- 13.75(-.25)

Current Stats: 

  • Weight: 202 (-20 total -4 this week)
  • Height:  5'8
  • BMI:    

Current Goals:

  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • Work out on the Wii Fit for 60 minutes daily
  • Don't eat after 7 pm
  • No soda drinking
  • Weigh 150 pounds
  • No soda drinking
  • Work out 90 min daily 
  • BMI 22.8
Start of Challenge 4/12

End of Challenge 5/24

I can not believe I have lost 20 pounds in 9 weeks! I honestly can't believe it. Also in the time of the challenge I can't believe the difference in photos! Want to know more about being apart of Mamavation? Head over here and read all about it. Join us tonight and you could win some great prizes! The neat thing is also we get to say congrats and goodbye to our current Mamavation moms! Congrats Rachel and Kim I am so proud of you!


  1. Oh.My.Word!! Look at those after pics!! 20 lbs in 9 weeks is amazing!!! What a fabulous acomplishment!

  2. OMG you are almost there out of the 200s!!!!!!!! Just think, when you get to 199, you only have 49 more pounds to go!!!!!!

    You've lost around your waist line! Your after pic is really loose on you! OMG

    I notice every week that you have reported an inches (well not whole inches, but you know what I mean) loss! That's incredible!!

    You are an inspiration and living proof that a little hard work and you can do anything no matter how bit the feat!

  3. 20# is great!! The proof is totally in the pics! Good job for all that you've done the past 9 weeks! It's so impressive! Your steps today are incredibly good, too! You're just an inspiration all around! :)

  4. WOW! Look how loose your shirt in in the after pic! AMAZING! Your clothes must be falling off

  5. Holy crap - awesome girl! You should be proud.

  6. Great job on your progress!! Seriously, you are doing well. We'll tell you to get moving though if that is what you want.


    I'm so excited for you, and you're looking gooood girl!!!

    Keep up the great work! I wish it weren't so hot here, I'd take my kidlets out for a walk, but it's already getting up past 95 here during the day!!

    Great job!!


  8. Fantastic job!!! You look amazing. What an accomplishment. Dare I say you'll be in the 100's next week??? ;)

  9. Thank you ladies so much! Your comments have brought tears of joy to my face. Paige I truly hope so! I think I may faint I can't remember when I was in the 100's!

  10. You are doing freaking AMAZING!!!

  11. You are doing great girl and you look awesome! keep up the hard work!!

  12. You're doing a wonderful job, and I can definitely tell it from the photos. Isn't it amazing what you can do for yourself when you make yourself a priority. As a friend of mine said, it's possible to change your life in an hour a day.

  13. Wow, congratulations! 20 pounds is really great. You just motivated me to start taking pictures. :) Keep up the good work!

  14. good work with all your weightloss and inches lost, how do you get yourself to do the walking? I want to do walking this week but I find exuses not to so good luck with that goal

  15. 20lbs in 9 weeks? Holy smokes - you're doing fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  16. Congrats on your weight loss and on winning the Move it or Loss it Challenge. You have worked hard and it shows.


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