Thursday, May 20, 2010

HOT~ CVS Clearence Finds

So I had to make an unplanned stop in at CVS to print some pictures of my 4 year old who had his graduation end of year ceremony from Head start today. As I was waiting on the pictures to print I seen a huge cart full of Snuggies up front. They were on clerance for $3.75. I got two because even though I think they are kind of stupid a waste of money I got to thinking.... These would be great for Ken and I to use when we go camping again. Where we go is always cold at night when we are sitting in front of the camp fire and especially cold when we are getting up int he morning and drinking coffee.

As I was checking out I noticed a basket on the counter marked 90% off. I rummaged through and found bottles of some kind of male enhancement ($2.99 down from $29.99), a huge pack of cvs pads ($1.25), a HUGE box of depends (dunno price), and EPT 3 pack digital tests ($2.20 down from $22). Here is what I got:

Total Spent after tax: $12.57 Total Saved: $59.02
Note this could have been killer if I had any coupons for the EPT! Oh and the expiration on the EPT is not till 2011 and they are 3 pack tests! So keep your eyes open. Come back and let me know what you can score at your stores. (Here is one of the pics of Aaron today!)


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