Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Review Tuesday: Vitalicious SuperSampler Pack! Review

So all of you know (if you read my blog on Monday's) that I am on a weight loss journey. Let me tell you one of my secrets. I am a huge chocolate feign; I mean I LOVE chocolate. So how do you ask have I lost 16 pounds in 7 weeks! (Which by the way I simply can not fathom and wrap my head around) I can honestly say I owe some of it to Vitalicious! Without them I probably would have given into every temptation known to man!

I received the SuperSampler Pack to review. Which includes an assortment of 100 calorie natural muffin tops and brownies:
4 Low Fat Deep & Velvety VitaBrownies
2 Low Fat Chocolate Mint VitaTops
2 Low Fat Banana Nut VitaTops
2 Low Fat Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTops
2 Low Fat Deep Chocolate VitaTops
2 Low Fat Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
2 Low Fat Golden Corn VitaTops
2 Low Fat CranBran VitaTops
2 Low Fat AppleBerry VitaTops
2 Low Fat RaisinBran VitaTops
2 Low Fat BlueBran VitaTops

This product contains no artificial additives or preservatives therefore we recommend freezing upon receipt.

Let me just say the Deep & Velvety VitaBrownies are absolutly to die for! When I recieved my box I put them straight into the freezer as I was instructed. I did grab a Banana Nut VitaTop to try. My initial reaction is that they tasted wonderful but were a little dry. The next day When I was craving chocolate and went to raid the freezer (which is where we keep chocolate in my house) I seen the VitaTops and was reminded I am on a diet  life style change. I took one of the VitaTops out and popped it in the microwave for about 30 seconds; took a bite, and I was in Heaven! I can honestly say there was not one thing in this sampler box I did not enjoy. (Please not my Mother-in-Law helped me sample these and she is in total agreement. I did not sample the RaisinBran as I can not stand raisin's but she loved them!)
I am in shock that these could taste so wonderful and yet be good for you! Oh wait you don't believe me that they are good for you? What if I told you they are only 100 calories and that the normal person can burn the calories from a VitaTop or VitaBrownie in 13-15 minutes.  I mean look at the chart; these are so healthy and yet I swear they are absolutely tasty! I always felt like I should be feeling guilty about eating these!

It was nice to be able to have a sweet snack that was healthy and tasted great on those nights that my husband and son were eating ummmm all those things that are not so healthy!

You can go to Vitalicious site and check to see where you can buy these close to you. I was in awe when I checked and I can buy these at both the Food City and Kroger here in my town! I did not know that..... What about you? If there is not a store close to you don't fear you can always order these great snacks online! Check out how to earn a free sample of VitaTops by playing the Secret Sample game on Facebook! You can also keep up with VitaTops on Twitter and their blog! Oh and before I forget make sure you check out the whole line of products Vitalicious carries: coffee, bake wear, baking mixes, and even cakes!

The Results Are In:

    * VitaTops saves TIME~ In a hurry but got a sweet tooth? Grab a VitaTop from the freezer, pop in microwave, and get going!
    * VitaTops saves MONEY~ Although a little pricey some items will surprise you. They have cake for 8 for under $13.00!
VitaTops saves SANITY~ No more depriving yourself sweets just because your losing weight!

The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated but I did receive a sample in order to give a fair and honest opinion. Please see my disclosure policy for details about reviews and giveaways!


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