Sunday, May 2, 2010

P&G Coupon Double Dip at Rite Aid

This week Rite Aid had a deal where you purchase $30 or more in P&G products and you can submit for a $30 P&G coupon book. (You enter this like any other SCR) 
Also in this weekend’s P&G insert, there is another coupon booklet offer. If you spend $100 on P&G products you can get a coupon savings booklet with $50 of savings (by mail). This offer is not Rite Aid specific and all the store are running major deals on P &G products.  This could end up being a double-dip if you plan this correctly. NOTE: products do NOT have to be purchased all in one transaction.

In my experience, these booklets are to good to pass up! They have high dollar coupons on things that often go on deap sales. Purchases count pre-coupon and pre-rebate. This week at Rite-Aid Cover Girl is BOGO and there is a coupon for Cover Girl BOGO. Talk about a killer deal!

(Please note I am getting alot of reports of papers not having the P&G insert. Some have gotten it and some have not! I know the Nashville Tennessean did not get it!) 

Thanks Coupon Project!


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