Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Healthy Eating for Kids

So I have recently started my weight loss journey and it is time to get fit. Not just me but my Husband and kids as well. What did we do yesterday? We went for a two mile walk around our local beautiful park. About a mile in I started hearing "I am hungry" from my four year old. I had some Bear crackers with me and that's what he ate but wouldn't it be great to have something even more healthy for my son the next time? Something non messy and that can be stored and eaten on the go. Afterall he needs to be able to keep walking and eat his snack. My son has to have 'fun foods' or he loses interest fast. He also likes the same foods, like spaghetti. Well to get him to try new things I make it fun or the same. I mean any pasta with sauce is spaghetti (if you get what I mean) and I relate his food to his likes. Meatballs, meatloaf, etc is Boulders because he loves rocks. 
How neat is this. GoGO Squeez is an on the go pouch filled with applesauce that is resealable. Currently available in “appleapple”, “applestrawberry” and new “applecinnamon,” “applepeach” and “applebanana” flavors this is a 100% all fruit NO sugar added snack. (shhhh don't tell the kids)  Now I love how healthy this is for my kids, I love that he will eat it because it is fun, but I also love that GoGo squeeZ 4-packs are available for MSRP $2.99. GoGo squeeZ single pouches are available for MSRP 99 cents. So this saves me TIME (don't have to stop my work out so he can snack and no time for clean up), MONEY (did you see how inexpensive they are?), and SANITY (no more fighting to get him to eat healthy foods not loaded with sugar).

Now my son will love the cool packaging and the talking fruit.... well that will win him over! Did I mention I was won over by the NO sugar added part?!

I follow GoGo Squeeze on Twitter and on Facebook; Will you join me? Also since I personally have not tried this wonderful snack yet and can't give an opinion on taste (but we know it's great righ?) listen to this:

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