Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Belly Charms Review + Discount Code

So when deciding to do a Mother's Day Event I knew I had to contact Belly Charms. Sonya has the neatest things on her site. Here is how Sonya got started
 Belly Charms was the great idea that I came up with after my second son was born.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I did not know there were maternity belly rings, so when I had to take out my belly ring, of course, the piercing closed.  I got it re-pierced, only to quickly find out I was pregnant again.

An ultrasound tech told me that there were maternity belly rings, but they were just hard to find.  Well I went on a search and finally found one.  I wore it through my entire pregnancy and right into the delivery room.  The nurses all loved it.

After my son was born, I went back to the "regular" steel belly button rings but just did not like them anymore.  So I got out my maternity belly ring, cut the PTFE bar to a much shorter length, rethreaded the ball, and took off the "It's a Boy" charm and replaced it with a candy cane......that is when Belly Charms began.

I strongly suggest you head over here and look at all the things she has! Everything from belly button rings, to bracelets and necklaces, flip flops, and more. Belly Charms has 19 different categories and tons of items in each one. You will not be disappointed! Okay so now I already can here it: 'What does this have to do with Mother's Day?'

Sonya carries a large selection of Personalized Mother's Bracelets and Anklets. She has a large variety of options for you. You can get one - three strands, initials or full names. You can choose Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, Millefori, and/or Jasper. You can also choose from so many different colors, to many to list.

Sonya uses Sterling Silver beads and a toggle clasp to make these bracelets truly top notch. I took my bracelet (pictured left) to a bead store here in my town. Sonya has my bracelet listed at $89.99; to make this bracelet at home it would have cost 92.85 before tax and I would have had to try to keep these beads out of the 8 month old's mouth!

The quality is STUNNING and I feel blessed to wear it. Purple is my favorite color and when I contacted Sonya she worked with me to make my bracelet truly a one of a kind piece of jewelry. I received my bracelet and it was to small (my fault did not measure and just assumed). Sonya promptly had me send it back and she fixed the size. Also when (hmm hmm) I do have another child a third strand can be added so that my new loved one will not be left out. My husband and I talked and this would make a great piece to break down and pass on to my kids wife's when they marry (in about 400 years!) Could you imagine giving this as a Mother's Day gift to your mom?

I will be purchasing an initial bracelet for my mother this Mother's Day. Sonya is making it a two strand and putting Nana on top with all 5 of her grandkids initials. It will be personalized with red as that is her favorite color. Can you imagine her face? I can't Wait.

So do I have you wanting one yet? Well Sonya has graciously offered my readers a fabulous money saving code. Just enter 20Save20 for 20% off any purchase over $45 and free shipping.  It will be valid now until June 1.
Thank you Sonya!

I was compensated with the item for review but all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Your experience may vary. Please see my disclosure agreement for more information.

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  1. Those are GORGEOUS pieces!!

    I am Johnnie-come-lately with the Welcomistas! But, I wanted to chime in to welcome you to the SITs party:-)


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