Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloggers On Bourbon

So as many of you know I am now one of the Mamavation Sista's. This group of ladies are some of the greatest people I have met in my life. What I mean I have not met them yet but I hope to July 23-25th. Bloggers on Bourbon will be a bunch of mommy bloggers getting together and well doing what bloggers do.... having FUN!

MomDot and Bookieboo have organized  Bloggers on Bourbon. This will be 30 of us bloggers on Bourban street in New Orleans just having fun and getting to know each other. I can honestly say I am so excited to meet Leah in person! I mean she is the master mind behind Mamavation and thus a driving force in my life right now. I can also say this trip makes me even more determined to get fit and show off what all the Mamavation ladies help me achieve.... a healthier me!

I have never been to New Orleans though I have always wanted to go. I always though Mardi Gras would be so fun and a once in a lifetime experience for me. I can not wait for no husband, NO kids, and no 'Mommy he has snot running down his face!' (my 4 year old exclaims instead of getting the tissue right in front of him) I will miss my kids and husband but oh how I will love this time for me.

I mean the last real trip I took was when I was unmarried and not a mommy. I got to go to Sacramento for work/training. Oh wait I mean the last fun trip I took was when I was in High School and we went to Chicago for Key Club. So how fun will New Orleans be now that I am above drinking age.... I mean an adult!

I love scary things too... I think I hear we will be doing a ghost tour! Oh I am all over this... but wait I have to wait till July. Okay okay I think I can do that! I want to see the culture and heritage and learn more about this place but who am I kidding I am ready to meet some fellow mommy bloggers. I have never been to any blogger anything and I am ready for New Orleans to be my first initiation into the faces on the other side of the screen.

Oh and by the way if your a company this would be the PERFECT time to get your name in front of some really great mommy bloggers who well love to talk and even more love to give their opinions!! I would love for us to work out a sponsorship. Please email me at angelface041206 at yahoo and I promise you I will get some mommies talking about your company and products!


  1. totally jealous. SOMEDAY I'll get to meet some fellow bloggers.

  2. So fun!! It's the weekend before my birthday, so I dont think I will be going, but I hope you get to! I hate it being so close to me and not getting to meet everyone - I may just drive over for a cocktail! Ha!


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