Friday, July 2, 2010

Working Out Taebo Style

Today as I was roaming around the world of twitter I seen a tweet from @BookieBoo aka Leah about her airing her workout with J Raw in California. Leah will be airing this every Monday on Mingle Tv and as soon as I have more information I will let you know. Let me say I have never in my life done Taebo ... okay okay I have never even seen Taebo being done. I am trying to push myself further than I ever have exercise and fitness wise.

So let me tell you I completely did what I wanted to accomplish! Taebo kicked my booty.... Leah I envy you even more! Now I am going to show you some pictures my Mother-In-Law took of me exercising. Note: These are NOT pretty and may give you nightmares. NOT for the faint at heart!!

Please excuse my sons toys in the living room. We are hoping to move to a bigger place soon. This is like a kick/arm press thing. Don't you LOVE my face!

This is a squat with punches. Let me just say this is at the end of the rep and OOWWIIEE!!! My laptop is their because thats what I was watching the class on (and the basket is full of jam needing to be delivered)

Here is me at the end of the workout! Can I just say thank you Lord its over and I look forward to next time!

So do you do Taebo? If so do you have any tips? I want to shake up my routine and do more higher impact stuff. Come on give me some tips! Also hope you can join us next week on mingle tv to work out with Leah and J Raw! Sorry if you have nightmares you were warned :)


  1. You look GREAT! I'm sure you're also going to feel great the rest of the day after that amazing workout.

    Next time Leah does it, I'm going to open my laptop and try to join in. I'm so excited to try TaeBo because it looks so frikkin' FUN. Hardcore, but fun! Kind of like me LMAO

    Your pics are adorable. You look like you're working hard!!!

  2. Jess, This is totally why you ROCK!! I love this post. I can't wait till Leah's next class I'll be joing in with you again! Ps. That 1st pic is pretty sexy! hehe!

  3. LOL! Awesome!! You looked like you were enjoying it. I've always heard good things about Taebo, but never tried it. I'll be sure to join in next week. :)

  4. woo hoo!! awesome job!! I found one...brand new at goodwill...gonnna get my but kicked soon!!


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