Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Garbaage Mamavation Style

Today I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my pot cup of coffee and I looked up at the top of my fridge. I was applaud at what I seen. I mean it's not that I don't look up there, it's not real dirty, its just that it was covered in normal unhealthy foods. Foods is not even the correct term actually garbage and body wreckers is more like it. These were not my items; worse they were things I bought and fed my four year old son. So I took down the baskets and gathered up all this garbage into one large basket. 

Honestly how horrible is that! The sad part is this is nothing compared to what used to be lurking onto of the fridge that has since found it's way into my son.

So what did I do? I bagged it all up and called Aaron into the kitchen. I explained how horrible this stuff is to our bodies and how we are doing everything we can to take better care of us. He said goodbye to the food garbage and told it we were trading it in for fruit and other better things. 
If it was not for Mamvation my son would still be eating this stuff; I would still be eating this stuff! Thank you to everyone that has helped change my way of thinking! Want to help me even more? I am one finalist of six to be the next Mamavation Mom. I need your help! All you have to do is head over to and on the right side of the page (under the Earthfoot Wear ad) click on @all_about_savin and then click vote. You can vote daily and from every computer or internet connection you have. To thank you for voting please head over to my giveaway to enter to win a Wii, IPod Nano 16gb, or an Amazon Kindle.

Join Mamavation on Monday July 12th to win some awesome prizes and find out who will be the next two Mamavation Moms! Head over and RSVP for this Twitter party! 
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1. Earth Footwear (3 pairs, 3 winners)
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5. Mary Ellen Renna, M.D. Book "Growing Up Healthy the Next Generation Way" (5 books, 5 winners)
6. EatSmart Precision Pro Scale* (value $28, 3 scales, 3 winners)(*Disclosure, any sales from proceeds of this post go to the Mamavation Open Sky shop, but is then donated to charity or a social media mom in need.)
7. Chefs Requested 100 Calorie Steak Packs (4 packages per winner, 3 winners)



  1. Awesome job! I know it wouldn't be easy for me! Keep up the GREAT work! You can do it momma!

  2. Yay!!! Way to go, mama!! YOU CAN DO IT!! *cheers you on!*

    Voting for you! =)


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