Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mamavation Monday Week One as a Mom (17)

(posted on on Wed) So today was my second day as a Mamavation Mom. It is very interesting that in two short days my thinking is already changing. First off I think about everything in terms of how can this raise my heart rate or make this activity into a work out. I loved meeting with Leah yesterday and hearing about this journey I have begun. We were sent workouts for the EA Active and EA Active More Workouts so last night I sat down and set up my workout.

I got to talk with Dr. Renna today and I have to say I feel so charged after our conversation. I am allowed 4 grains per day which need to primarily be whole grains. I am allowed 8 ounces of protein a day; this is going to be the hard one for me. I love meat and so I already told Ken we are buying a food scale because I can not eyeball the whole palm of your hand thing. I am allowed 3 non fat milk servings per day which will be mostly taken as yogurt and cottage cheese (I can not stand milk by itself). Here is the part I LOVE I am allowed 2 servings of fruit (or about 3 cups a day)! I need to eat VERY sparingly pears, plums, peaches, cherries, grapes, and apples because she said they are high in fructose. (Alas avoid high in fructose/glucose foods) I am also to eat 3 servings of vegetables (around 3-4 cups). I learned this which I thought was interesting (you may already know this) corn can not be counted as your vegetable since it is a grain..... which means I can have little to no corn! I am super excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow! 

I told you I set up my EA Active workouts last night. Well I did the 39 minute lower body workout on the More Workouts today... Okay I think Leah is trying to put me in a grave lol. I mean this was so hard but I could tell it will work all the muscles. I would never have put this together for myself. I love it; I mean I did not love it as I am panting and sweating all over my living room. Honestly I thought I might die.... I know the accomplishment I will feel when I can do it *fairly* easily.

I can honestly say I pushed myself harder today than I can remember doing in a while now. I look forward to the Upper Body workout tomorrow on the EA Active and also beginning to implement Dr. Renna's plan. What's for breakfast? 1 cup Special K with 1 cup non fat milk. 1/2 cup berries, and 1 cup of coffee with Almond Milk. YUMMY!!!

Let me know if you would like me to share with you my eating plan or the workouts I am doing! Thank you for your tweets and your constant encouragement. You can keep up with me daily on Bookie Boo Forum to see my steps, what I ate, my water intake,  my exercises, and overall my life changing daily.

I want to thank @SmoothFitness @EASActiveGirl (follow my talk about my workouts via #easactive) @EarthFootwear @ChefsRequested
None of this would be nearly as rewarding without companies such as this. Please give them some love they deserve it!


  1. great job!!! I will be rooting for you! as you shed those pounds! your motivating me to get back in shape!! the whole dieting thing seems tough! But you have a good team behind you! You can do it! and keep being the wonderful mamavation mom that you are

    From your BBC friend Afeya!

  2. This is so great and encouraging to read! You are doing fabulous! :)

  3. Doing great! Looking forward to following along. :)


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