Friday, July 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

So it honestly feel like just the other day that Ken and I brought Caleb into this world. That was the day Ken had his first birth experience, Aaron became a big brother, and I became a mom of TWO boys! That day our world changed was July 10, 2009!

Before long that sweet baby boy was changing before my eyes. He became this baby that was so different from my first and in a way I got to experience motherhood fresh again. Aaron has taken to his brother and is his best friend and little protector. I was so worried about there being jealousy and such but I have never seen even an ounce of it!

It was amazing to watch Caleb go through the milestones. He Sat up at 6 months and crawled only a few days later. He began walking at 7 months and is now basically running! 
3 months and 6 months old
9 months and 12 months old
Here is the Birthday Boy! My mother-ion-law and I made the cake and Caleb devoured it happily. I miss my little baby of a year ago but I look forward to the years ahead. I will always look back on this first year with amazement because although it took 365 days to get here it felt like only a few short weeks!

Happy Birthday my baby man!

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  1. Aww! What a cutie1 Just wait...this time next year you'll be even more amazed at how quickly time flies! I love all the stages of childhood :)


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