Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mamavation Monday Fifteen

Watch Lives Change

This week has been my most active week since joining Mamavation. @Vidia2Be made me a challenge on Monday night during mamavation t.v. She challenged the two of us to hit 20,000 steps in one day by July 4th (today). Now I am the type that loves challenges I think that is why I really worked my booty during the Move It and Lose It challenge. There is nothing wrong with that, there are just people that thrive on challenges. So anyways, I accepted the challenge open arms. Now let me tell you Monday night I reached 10080 steps. Not bad and deffinetly over the 10,000 goal I had. So how did I do on the challenge:
Tuesday: 20581
Wednesday: 20026
Thursday:  20454
Friday: 20407
Saturday: 12013

When we both reached our goal on Tuesday we decided to see what we could do till the 4th. I am really proud of myself. Now last night I did not make it but I am still thrilled I was over 10k! The thing is Caleb was teething and well to be honest this momma needed a break.

So did you see my post about doing some Taebo? Man I will admit I am still sore from it! I can say though that I can not wait for Leah to air her next class on Monday! Make sure you tweet to us woman! Will you join us and let J Raw whoop you bootie into shape?

Current Stats: 

Here are my measurements as of 5/24:
Bust: 51.12 (-.39)
Waist: 47.50 (-3.5)
Hips: 47.75 (-1)
Thighs: R- 23.75 L- 24.5 (-.25)
Arms: R- 13.5 (-.75) L- 13.75(-.25)

  • Weight: 202.50(Since joining Mamavation in April -22 total 1.5 this week this is counting my weight gain one week. Total weight lost approx 127.5 over 4 years)
  • Height:  5'8
  • BMI:    

Current Goals:

  • Drink 120 ounces of water a day
  • Work out for 60 minutes daily
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps daily
  • Don't eat after 7 pm
  • No soda drinking 
  • No wine or any alcohol
  • Weigh 150 pounds
  • No soda drinking
  • Work out 90 min daily 
  • BMI 22.8

So tomorrow the voting begins on the final five moms that have a shot to be the next two mamavation moms. Good Luck to everyone that applied and good luck to the final five. I also am looking forward to the push for the Move It and Lose It Challenge 2. Make me proud everyone!
So here are the  Campaign Details for Mamavation # 5

Applications Accepted June 21st to 30th ~ 5 Finalist appear on July 5th
Voting for the top 2 Mamavation Moms will go from July 5th to 12th
The winners will be announced during the Twitter Launch Party July 12th from 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST
Mamavation Campaign #5 goes from July 12th to August 27th



  1. Jess, way to go! You had an amazing week (IMO)!! *bighugs* Those step counts are sure something to be proud of!! Go you!!

    Way to go! I look forward to finding out the top 5 tomorrow morning also... I have a good feeling your name will be among that list. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm SOOO excited about the top 5 tomorrow as well!! :)

    You're doing fantabulousss!!!!!

    I soooooooo can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW! You are a goal-go-getter woman! 20k steps a day is huge and you should be so proud of yourself :)

  4. I am in awe!! You have complete rocked this and I am sooo proud of you!!

    See ya tomorrow on MMTV!!

  5. You are doing freaking awesome Jess! hands down, so inspirational! Im so stinking proud of you!

  6. Holy Crap you are a walking MACHINE!! way to go. Your weight loss is so incredible and inspiring. I bow down to you because you are phenomenal! I hope you tell yourself that every. single. day.

    Steph (@stephhamm154)

  7. Hey superstar!! You are doing so good you are truly an inspiration to me!Keep on rocking it like this and, I know your gonna be one of the final 2!! Good luck girl!

  8. Congrats on finals! I'm rooting for ya! Wish you the best, seriously. Thanks for getting me motivated with my pedometer. I too thrive on challenges and I saw your tweet to put a battery in it and start using it again as a good challenge for myself. So thank you for that.

  9. Congrats darling for being a finalist! You deserve it. You worked your ass off in the Earth Footwear Move it & Lose It Challenge and I'm floored that you have already lost 127 lbs. You rock!

  10. Congratulations on being chosen! I will be around to support you!


  11. Holy Cow, woman! 127 lbs? You are amazing!

    by the way, I thought about you several times this week while reading a new book. It was talking about walking for weight loss . . .turns out, 10,000 is the minimum requirement for "health." To lose weight, you need at least 15,000 steps a day. You are SO there.

  12. Great job this week! I need to get one of those step things so I can track my steps. I always assume I'm doing nothing but moving. lol - Good luck this week.

  13. Way to go on all the steps! Amazing! I still haven't gotten to the 20K yet! I will though. =) Awesome job!

  14. Jess! Congrats on being a finalist you emotional, grateful woman. I love watching you on Mamavation Mondays. You have loads of heart. Good luck with your campaign.


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