Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thrify Thursday~ Are you ready for Back to School?

Yesterday when i was in Walgreens I was amazed at all the Back to School product they had out. Well Ken uses alot of mechanical pencils at his work and he was needing a pack. I noticed they had Penway and Papermate products on sale for .19! You can get a 10 pack of Penway yellow pencils, 5 pack of Papermate mechanical pencils, or 10 pack of Papermate pens! 
I got 7 packs of yellow pencils, 6 packs of mechanical pencils (they had two kinds) and 6 packs of Papermate pens. I will be going back today to get more! What a great thing to take on the first day of headstart and donate to the school. Don't have kids in school? Find out if your community will be holding a stuff the buss event or anything else. 

Total spent was: $3.61

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  1. I just loved all the awesome school supply deals that are at Wags right now. I was able to stock up last week for cheap - plus they make awesome fillers! I can't even believe I was paying full price for this stuff my whole life!!!!!!!


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