Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bloggers On Bourban Trip Overview

I recently got to participate in what was, for me, a trip of a lifetime. July 22-25th I got to spend the weekend with no kids, no hubby's (okay not mine), and 30 bloggers from around the country. This was a meet-up put together by Trisha from MomDot and Leah from Mamavation. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful weekend!

I can not wait to tell you all about my trip and over the next week or so will be going into details every couple of days. If your looking for a vacation spot please come back and read up and why New Orleans may be just the spot for YOU. Also if your a blogger I urge you to come read up as Trisha has promised more of these trips to come.... Maybe the next one can include you!

Meet-ups like these can only happen with the help of fantastic sponsors! Our trip to New Orleans was one for the blogger history books! Take a look at who helped make this trip not only possible but FANTASTIC!

Also what is a Blogger meet-up without swag bag's? I know there is no way Trisha would have one without it! Here is a quick look at all these fantastic companies. Be mindfull because if I have my way you will see alot more from these companies in the months to come!
Photo courtesy of MomDot!
There were also Two Great Giveaways!



  1. I'm so glad you had fun. Trisha are planning on doing the trip again next year. Hope you can come again next year. AS the baby gets older, you should be able to last more. :)

  2. The sponsors for this trip were SO AMAZING!

  3. checked out some other posts about the event and it looks amazing!!!


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