Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arts Cow Fans Favorite – 2 pcs Dog Tags for $2.49 includes free shipping

Gather around for one of our fans favorite in the shape of these personalized dog tags. Ever since the start of ArtsCow, dog tags have always been a popular item, with its easy-to-design surface, accompanied by its lightweight chain and tag. Not only can you use it as a fashion statement, but also treat it as an accessory, wrapped around your handbag or even your in-car rear view mirror.

Today’s promotion starts at only $2.49 for two single sided dog tags and twin sided variations just an extra dollar for a pair, with free international shipping.

Coupon :
Coupon code: JULTAGS249
Expires on: 08/12/2010

Note this offer applies to complete range of dog tags, including heart and bone shapes editions.

TIP: when placing your order, please set the quantity to the total number of items required. For example, if you would like to purchase 2 dog tags, please set the quantity to 2.


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