Monday, March 22, 2010

K-Mart 50% Off Toy Clearance

So I went to K-Mart yesterday. They had all toy Clearance at 50% off the lowest price. Here is what I got. My mother-in-law says I will have Christmas done before Caleb turns one in July.... I can only wish!

2 barbies (5.00 each)
4 pixo things (2.00 each)
6 moon sand party packs (3.00 each)
1 moon sand farm thing (big for only 6.00)(want more of these... hmm how to convince dh we need these for x mas .... or yard sales lol)
2 barbie makeup kits (2.50 each..... rang up the normal 5.00 but nice cashier adjusted them)
and two mini barbie things (1.50 each)


  1. WOW great finds. I love moon sand. Now i need to go to k mart

  2. Thank you I was pretty happy!


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