Sunday, January 24, 2010

White Castle + Valentine's Day?

Do you live in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, New Jersey, New York, Northeast Ohio, or St. Louis? 
This could be a really fun and unique Valentine's Day dinner. I know this year with trying to move, a new baby, bills, tough economic times, and a poor economy Ken and I have decided no Valentine's night for us. I mean yes getting a nice gift, dressing up, going out.... is fun. Yet who can truly afford it right now. I look at everything else I have going on and I do not have the extra money for things like that this year. Then I ran across this offer..... Yes it is a little silly but.... it's still dinner, flowers, and just the two of us!

White Castle Restaurants are conscious that those who have caviar tastes may have to resort to a burger budget this year, which is why they decided to turn participating restaurants into a romantic Valentine’s Day dining experience with candlelight, tableside service and themed decorations. Can we say this describe's me to a tee!

Want to surprise your sweetie with something on Valentine's day? Reserve a romantic, candlelit dinner for two that includes 10 White Castle e Slyder® hamburgers, two 21-oz. soft drinks and two regular French fries. You will also receive a complimentary digital photo that can be viewed later from the White Castle Web site. This is a HUGE savings
for as little as $10.49. (price is regional please check with your participating store)

Want to know more or make a reservation?  Visit White Castle !

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  1. LOL! Thats neat! My husband loves White castles (hes from up north) but he has to result to buying them in the freezer aisle here in alabama! I wish we lived in one of those places b/c I would soooo take him! haha


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