Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Haiti we care!

Wow my heart is breaking for the people of Haiti. We as Americans have it rough right now... but not that rough. I know so many of us are struggling to put food on our table or a roof over our head, which is why this blog owner is my new hero. Common Sense with Money has pledged .25 for every comment left on this post up to $500.00  Her family will be donating it to the Red Cross for Haiti. Please I urge everyone of my readers to go post on her blog. It's your way of donating even if times are to tight for you to.

I will personally feel ashamed if we can't get her comments to top out and spill over her $500.00 Dollars. She has also linked up with blogs that are donating in some way. Be sure to check out all these wonderful bloggers and support their efforts please.

Go here to money saving mom who started this crusade.

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