Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty with your time and money when shopping

So this week has just been so crazy for me. I have not been to the store once! Thankfully school started back today, Caleb is napping, and my mother in law is watching the kids tonight so I can go shopping. Needless to say I have my coupons cut and in my binder but no lists made. That got me to thinking about how to make the most of your shopping trips. So without further adu today is about being thrifty with your time and money when shopping.

~ One thing I have noticed is it is imperative to know your prices for the items you buy on a regular basis. There is nothing worse then going through a sales ad and finding Orange Juice on sale at store A for 1.99; and you have a .25 off coupon. Great Deal RIGHT? Well maybe, what if store B carries the same Orange juice for 1.75 not on sale. Hmmm now you can get a much better deal.
*TIP* get a small notebook and when your shopping next look at your regular purchases. Write down the non-sale price. Then when you find it on sale go back and add that price. This will give you a good hard copy of your price on normal buys.

~Break everything down store to store in your shopping list. I know before I got into couponing, I would make a shopping list and then next to it put which store. Needless to say I often forgot about something.

~Even more I break my list down by shopping isles. I know you think its a lot of work but if you follow this it wont be. The next time your at the store write down each isle number and what is contained in that isle. (you could just write what is on the sign, but I add anything I know I buy regularly) Then you will have a great way to make your list. Example: Tuna aisle 2, cereal aisle 5, flour aisle 6

~I recommend going down each isle of your store and scanning for clearance tags. I know all of my stores have a different color tag if it is on clearance, which makes it easy to spot.  If you take your coupons in with you always then you can score some cheap to free items each trip.

~I also keep a master list. Things I buy each and every time I go shopping. Milk, eggs, soda…. Etc this way I don’t forget them but I also save time from having to write them down.

~Go to multiple stores. I know this takes more time but I promise in the long run you will save so much more.  Yes walmart price matches, but they do not take competitors coupons, double coupons, or even have the sales that other stores have. Not only that but they will only price match for the first 4 of any item. Well that’s not helpful for stockpiling or taking advantage of some great deals.
Just remember that although it seems like a lot to do in the long run it will save time and money. And after all ‘It’s all about the Savings!’

Want more info on stockpiling? Then head to Melissa’s Bargain Blog and read this weeks Thrifty Thursday post. I know it’s something I have copied and pasted!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to my Thrifty Thursday post. These are great ideas. I organize my shopping list by aisle now, too. There's nothing worse than having to trek back and forth across the store with kids in tow because you realize you forgot something!! (or even worse, having to make a second trip to the store!)


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