Thursday, January 21, 2010

My new favorite Book

The last couple of nights I have stayed up way past when I should. I crawled into bed every night and read a wonderful book. Time Traveler's Wife is now my new favorite book as of right now. It was my escape from my daily life and was extremely hard to put down. I feel in love with both Henery and Clare in the book. You can really feel the joy and sorrow each character felt and endured in the story. I must say it was very hard to follow at first. You keep jumping time and in no apparent sequence. The writer hints at events then moves on and leaves you waiting till later in the book to take you back and fill in the gapes.

I will say I could not read this with kids or a husband around. You have to submerge your entire being into the story of these two people. I think though that's how it should be! 

This book delves into life's real issues and complexes. Marriage, life before marriage, fertility issues, survival, and so much more. So where this is fiction be prepared to have to delve so much deeper.

February 6th is the day this comes out on dvd. I have not seen the movie. I will write a review after I watch it.

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  1. I will have to read the book! I found you on MBC and am now following you. Please follow back. I am going to check out your giveaways now. I am doing a couple great ones on my bog too!
    ~Juliana from A Blonde Walk Into A Blog


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