Monday, January 11, 2010

Arts Cow Information

If you read my blog frequently at all, you know I post alot of Arts Cow deals. I absolutely love this company! I have purchased several items from them and have never been let down. I know when I first found out about this company in 08, I was skeptical to say the least. I had not gotten into bargain shopping; therefore was not connected with all the wonderful forums of information that I am now. Then one day a few months ago I was on my much loved babycenter coupon board and someone posted about Arts Cow. I of course asked everyone their experiences and found out it is NOT to good to be true but to be careful how I order.

Now since starting my blog and posting so much about this company; I have decided to post a 'What to do, what not to do' when ordering from Arts Cow.

Do make an acct with Arts Cow and be sure to join their email list.
Don't order everything they give you for free

Do know the company is based in Hong Kong
Don't expect fast shipping. I usually recieve my items within one month

Do expect high quality.
Don't pay full price for anything. I usually get an email with an offer about every week. 90% of the time the cost of the item is well below list price WITH free shipping. DON'T pay shipping unless its something you can't live without. Shipping with Arts Cow is outrageous (since they are in Hong Kong)

I will stand behind my recommendation of Arts Cow until I have a reason not to. If you have had a bad experience please let me know in the comments. Again to me long shipping times with this company is expected.



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