Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do you do with YOUR expired Coupons?

If your like many of us when you clean out your coupons you throw them in the garbage/recycling. I know I clean out my bider on the first of every month. I also pick out any I see that have expired as I am hunting for my coupons. I used to throw them in with my Sunday papers to take to the city to recycle. But WAIT there is a better way. Did you know that military families that are stationed overseas can use expired coupons at their commissary?? Even after your coupons are no longer good to you, they can be VERY helpful to families of our servicemen and women overseas.The prices for things are often way higher over there and this is something that could help off set that.

Here's some tips for participating in sending coupons to troops:

  •      Any manufacturer coupons can be used up to 6 months past it's expiration date.
  •      Store coupons (that specify Target, Publix or CVS, etc.) cannot be used. Rlle of thumb: Look at the barcode it it starts with a 5 then send it!
  •     It is recommended that you not send any coupons more then 3 months expired. This will allow the coupons time to get to the families and give them time to use them.
  •     Baby coupons are in VERY high demand.

Where can you send your coupons?

  •      Grocery Saving Tips has a great list of commissaries that accept coupons and give out to families or have a "coupon swap table" set up where they can put the coupons out. You can see that list here. They do a great job keeping that list up-to-date. You can pick a base, country or specific branch of the military to send your coupons to.
  •      Ask around. Someone you know may know someone that's stationed overseas. Even call your local recruiting office. They may have a way to let you know where some of your local service men/women are and you send send them.

It's a small thing we can do to help people who give up so much for us. I suggest keeping a manilla envelope where ever you keep your couponing supplies and just add expired's as you find them.
Then at the start of the month mail them out. I think I can give up $5.00 or $6.00 to help our service families... can you?

Special thanks to saving toward a better life. Thank you for your inspiring post which helped me write this one.


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