Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photos on Glasses Cloths – only $1.99 each shipped

Although miniature in size, these photo glasses cloths make wonderful appreciative gifts for spectacle wearers. If you wear glasses you will understand the annoyance of having to clean your lenses from smudges, dirt and everyday wear and tear. With these print-on-demand glasses cloths, you need not to worry any longer about the grit and smears that’s likely to obstruct your view.

Again, the complete range of glasses cloths are put on sale with offers starting at just $1.99* including free shipping. So ponder no more and start creating your photo gifts now.

Coupon :
Coupon code: 199GLASSES
Expires on: 06/25/2010

TIP: use this ultra fine silky cloth to clean electrical appliances such camera lenses, cell phones and LCD screens.

*applies to single-sided glasses cloth only. All double-sided cloth $2.99 each.


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