Friday, June 18, 2010

Coming Soon~ Interview with Jared from Subway

Remember me telling you I won an interview with Jared from Subway during a twitter party a few weeks ago. Well I will be talking to him in the next week or so and need to come up with some questions to ask him. I am looking for my readers to get involved and tell me what you would like me to ask. What would you like to know about Jared?

I decided the best way to do this is offer a great gift to you my readers! As long as I get 10 different readers to comment with a question you want me to ask I can offer this gift! So okay on to this: comment with the one question you would love me to ask Jared for you. I will pick the winning comment/question on Monday and post it in my Mamavation post. Then when I get to speak with Jared I will ask your question and it will appear in the published interview. I will award that person with a $10 giftcard to subway. Here is the twist:
To win you MUST check in on my Mamavation Monday Post to see if you are the winner. You must also post a comment with your email by Wednesday in order to receive your gift card. If you don't understand then please email me at with your questions. Please note this giveaway is NOT sponsored by Subway. I am providing the gift card!
WIN IT: One winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to Subway. (Must have 10 comments to hold giveaway)

MANDATORY ENTRY: You MUST be a follower of this blog to enter! Post ONE question you would like me to ask Jared.

  • THATS IT NO EXTRA ENTRIES THIS TIME! Oh you can check facebook for another chance!
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This giveaway will run from 6.18.10 until 6.20.10, I will choose the winner based off of comments. Make sure you check back on my Mamavation post for winner. Please see my disclosure policy for details about reviews and giveaways! U.S. residents only please.



  1. Ask Jared how him and Shay are going to be working together. Cause it looks like Subway has two spokespeople now. Curious how that is going to work.

  2. Ooh-ask him what his diet was like pre-subway...I've heard before but forgot.

  3. Ask him what his favorite sub is!

  4. Ask him how many days a week he works out.

  5. I know walking was his "workout" plan while loosing weight. What kinds of workouts is he doing now?

  6. I would want to know if he ever expected he would be so famous and well known. Did he think he'd get his 5 minutes of fame and then fade into the sunset? He sure has staying power.

    ~Pinching Abe

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    (Sorry, I'd sign in, but Google won't let me.)

  7. ask him who or what was his inspiration to begin the subway diet and loose the weight?


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