Monday, June 7, 2010

Mamavation Monday: Week Eleven

First let me say I am sorry I did not post last week. For some reason our WiFi in my complex was down for about 4 days. I tried to go to the library but with an 11 month old that just does not work well. The past two weeks have been so hard for me emotionally which has taken it's toll on me with working on getting in shape. I describe it as a high and then coming down.

Let me explain what I mean. Two weeks ago was the final of the Move it and Lose it competition. I lost 23 pounds during that competition! I lost over 10% of my body fat which won me $500 and a pair of Earthwear Footwear. This competition was sponsored by Earthwear and I am forever thankful for it. I received my check last week and can not wait till I get to put the shoes to good use. As if that was not enough on Tuesday we had the twitter party for Shay from the Biggest Loser. I walked away that night winning a $50 Subway giftcard and an interview with Jared. I am so excited to be able to ask him about his journey and learn from him.

So all is great right? Well I thought so and then my life happened and I did what I have always done.... succumbed. I have not seen my husband in two weeks and it will be at least Friday before I do. (Thats if his work does not make it even longer) My oldest is at my moms this summer except the week of Father's Day and I miss him terribly. Caleb is waking up 5 and 6 times a night but then back up at 6 am. My back is killing me and I had to go get X Rays last week to find out what is going on (still no results). All in all I am lonely, depressed, and fighting to keep my head above water.

So what came of it all? Bad food choices, several sodas, very little exercise, and overall doing nothing but gaining 3 pounds. Yes you read that right I gained 3 pounds! I am beyond ashamed because I worked so hard and I am doing it again. I was so proud of walking my 4-7 miles a day and when talking to my dr last week he said I was wasting my time. So instead of remembering my numbers and pushing through all the crap I caved and faltered. I feel like I let myself down, mamavation down, my family down, etc.

I am trying to fix this but not really sure how. I know just get up and move but I just can't. Why, you ask? I don't know.... I guess because I am good at making excuses and letting other's make them for me. So I need your help mamavation!

Current Stats: 

Here are my measurements as of 5/24:
Bust: 51.12 (-.39)
Waist: 47.50 (-3.5)
Hips: 47.75 (-1)
Thighs: R- 23.75 L- 24.5 (-.25)
Arms: R- 13.5 (-.75) L- 13.75(-.25)

  • Weight: 205 (-20 total +3 this week)
  • Height:  5'8
  • BMI:    

This is a pair of pants that was tight BEFORE I started Mamavation and this pic was taken the week Move it and Lose it ended. They fall off me now if I walk to far. I am ready to keep going! I have too!
Current Goals:

  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • Work out on the Wii Fit for 60 minutes daily
  • Don't eat after 7 pm
  • No soda drinking
  • Weigh 150 pounds
  • No soda drinking
  • Work out 90 min daily 
  • BMI 22.8



  1. Head up Jess! You are doing a wonderful job!

  2. I love this picture. This is an incredible outcome of that challenge.

    Okay, you made some bad choices and gained some weight. Do you know how many times that happened to me? Yes, me. And I've lost over 170 lbs. You have proved to us already that you have the ability to lose all that weight. Now get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get back up. Now. Suck it up. Nothing easy is worth doing. And keep going girl! XXOO

    You will trip and fall cause you are human. Expect it. Just learn to get up quicker. And recover quicker and you will be fine. Take it from me. I've done it a thousand times.

  3. Ok -- so the past two weeks weren't great. Guess what? THEY ARE IN THE PAST! We don't have to relive our past unless we choose to do so . . . don't let the 3 lbs and your doctor's comments "weigh you down." YOU did it once . . . YOUR way. You can so do it again. I KNOW it!


  4. By the way . . . love your new look! (and, I'm talking about your picture. . not the new blog design!).

  5. Thank you Leah I need that more than you can know (someone kicking my ass back in line)

    Rachel I just spit WATER all over my computer..... you kill me (and yes I love my design xoxoxo)

  6. Everyone has a brief moment of bad times, but we all grow from them. You got this girl. *hugs*

  7. Leah said it best...get up and get moving again! You can pick yourself up and keep going, or wallow around for a few weeks and gain even more weight.

  8. Wow! Look what you have accomplished already. Dont let the past two weeks get you down. Keep going! Keep your head up. You can do this. Reach out to your sistas if you need help, were here for you!

  9. I have many things to say, first one, nice blog facelift.

    Now watch that core to figure out what is going on with your back. I hope your doctor can help you heal, strengthen, and make it more flexible as you continue your journey.

    As for the depression, it makes sense. You obviously devote much to the men in your life. I wish you the best in finding something to fulfill you and avoid the emotional eating. THREE POUNDS... you know you can do better, but has anyone ever given you the tools to do it? No. This is part of your journey and you need to find positive tools. Best wishes for having a better week. Rely on the Sistahood if the WiFi is up again. XOXO


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