Friday, June 25, 2010

Personalized Finger Print Bug Flower Pots: Great Gifts

So this year was Aaron's first year in school. He went full time to Headstart and will be going again this year. I wanted to do something really great for the 3 office staff and his two teachers. That being said I did not want to waste my money on the same old things all teachers get. It was time to put on my thinking cap: This is what resulted:
Each one of the five ladies received a hand painted pot, a pack of flower seeds, a gallon bag of potting soil, and a bookmark that had a picture of them with Aaron. This was a very affordable option: Pots were $1.00 =$5.00, Seeds were $0.50 = $2.50, Soil was $3.00, Spray paint was 2 cans and totaled $4.00, and the bookmarks I did on Microsoft publisher and had lamented at Staples = $1.00. So my total cost was $15.50 for 5 teachers. Please note I used latex paint I already had a home; but this would add about $10 if you had to purchase several paints.

Terra Cota Pots
Latex Paints in several colors
Paint Brushes
Sharpie Markers
Seed Packets
Zip Lock Bags to put soil in
White Spray Paint (I used Flat)
Krylon Clear Outdoor Spray Paint (I used Satin)
    Spray paint all Tera Cotta Pots with the white spray paint. Let sit and re cover. I did not mind the unfinished look as once soil is put into the pot you will not know it is not finished. I let the pots sit over night to make sure the paint was thoroughly dried.

    STEP TWO~ 

    Chose several colors to work with. I knew we would have bumble bees = yellow , lady bugs = red, butterfly's = purple, dragon flies = purple, and flowers = orange. I placed paint on a paper plate and had Aaron stick his fingers in the paint and then press onto the pot. We did this for all five pots. I did find doing all yellow then all red, etc before moving on to the next color made this process much smoother. Make sure you stagger colors so you can see all the little critters around the pot. Let finger prints dry over night.

    Take your sharpie and do all your lady bugs. Draw a 'Y' shape on top and connect the tail with a upside down 'Y' for your wings. Place black dots on the wings for the lady bugs spots. Play with it, have your lady bugs facing different directions and even upside down! The lady bug is the easiest because you can easily free hand it and there is no paint on the bodies involved.

     Take your sharpie and write on the top band of the pot. I wrote: 'Thanks for helping me grow! Aaron 2010' I tried to write it in script that is much the same as basic printing. After all this is a child's project. If you have elementary school aged kids this is a great project to allow them to do.

    Pencil in your bodies on bumble bees, butterfly's, and dragon flies. Also pencil in your petals on your flowers; using the pencil allows you to correct mistakes as you go. Make different petals and wings on your bees~ Variety will make this pot come to life. Trace over your pencil marks with a black sharpie to give the defined look on your bugs. You have now completed your lady bugs and bees. Note all the bees need are their heads, wings, and stripes.

    Take different color latex paints and paint int your butterfly's, dragon flies, and flowers. Alternate colors and add details like dots and strips to butterfly's as you go. Allow latex paint to dry for 24 hours and keep away from ANY type of moisture.

    Coat each pot with your clear Krylon paint to allow them to be weather and water proofed. I coated each pot several times to make sure it was nicely covered. This one can will coat ALOT as the pot already is painted so will not soak the clear coat. Make sure to let this dry overnight.

    At this point you can either fill with flowers and soil and give as gift or you can do as I did and give each component separately. Aaron wanted to plant already bloomed flowers but that adds to the cost. Here again is the finished project. Aaron was so proud to hand these out on the last day of school and each of the ladies commented how this was the best gift they had ever received from a student.

    I love these! I could not be more pleased and although time consuming they were so simple to make! Please let me know your thoughts!



    1. Great idea! Too bad my daughter's school year ended on Wed, but still a great gift for next year. Thanks for sharing.

    2. You are so creative! I love those!!

    3. That is a fabulous idea. . . who can beat 5 cute gifts for under $20?? Love IT!!

    4. very good idea !



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