Sunday, December 13, 2009

~This is what I did this Weekend~

Made cookies with my Husband and son:

I also made Aarons teacher gifts:

I simply took a mug I got at walgreens and filled it with a baggie of marshmallows. The canning jar is filled with homemade hot chocolate from a fellow bargain hunters recipe. I also made whisks filled with chocolate kisses. Not pictured is white chocolate covered spoons. Here are the ideas.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

2 cups dry milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup powdered cocoa (UNsweetened)
1/2 cup powdered coffee cream (like coffee mate)**

mix all together and store in air tight container. To enjoy mix 1/4cup cocoa mix with 8oz hot water,
add marshmallows if desired!

**Too make flavored hot chocolate use the flavored coffee mate! This is the time of year that holiday
flavors are out, peppermint and gingerbread. But the other flavors out there work great too
(my mom loved the hazelnut and vanilla caramel!) They have a creamy chocolate one that I used to make just
chocolate hot chocolate.

I made a couple big huge batches (I want to say you can get like 5 batches from a thing of coffee mate,
maybe more) and put in container with screw on lids from the dollar store. I typed up the directions on how
to mix and tied to the jars with a ribbon. I also made some singe serve ones in those plastic bags (the treat
type bags for cookies and such), just dumped the 1/4cup mix in and added a handful of mini marshmallows and
closed it up, added directions to add the whole bag to 8oz hot water and they looked cute! I saved some for me
and it tastes great!

Easy Stocking Stuffer: Whisk You A Merry Kissmas

Whisk You A Merry Kissmas" craft is a sweet surprise for the chocolate lover in your life! A homemade Christmas gift, it's easy enough for children to make and give.
Makes a great teacher gift, stocking stuffer or office Secret Santa present.
To make your "Kissmas Whisk", place a handful of foil-wrapped chocolate kiss candies between the tines of a new kitchen whisk.
Wrap whisk bottom with plastic food storage wrap and tape wrap to handle.
Add a pretty bow or ribbon, and attach a copy of our free printable Kissmas Whisk gift tag for a simple stocking stuffer or 12 Days of Christmas gift.
New! Print this Whisk You A Merry Kissmas gift tag in .PDF format.


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