Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts to Grow New Program

Earn 50 BONUS POINTS when you enter 2 more diaper codes!
Gifts to Grow has recently improved to be an even more rewarding program for you and your family. And right now, you'll earn 50 bonus points when you enter any 3 diaper codes before 2/5/2010.

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Visit often for Special Offers
Always watch your homepage for offers just for you -- every time you log in, keep your eyes open for great opportunities to help you earn more points!

  • More rewards and partnerships: a bigger catalog of rewards along with some exclusive partnerships just for our members (like Leap Frog, Shutterfly, Olay, and many other great rewards for you and your baby). Browse all of the new rewards now!
  • More ways to earn points: along with the new points structure, we're proud to offer you new bonus opportunities and ways to help you get to your rewards even faster—including customized offers just for you. Find out about the latest special offer now.
  • More points on eligible products: we're working to ensure you get the most points for your Pampers purchases—higher point values on eligible products will help you earn even faster. See what you can now earn from Pampers® and Gifts to Grow.
  • Simpler points: you'll notice your points have changed. It is 10 times its 'old' value. For example, if you had 12 points, it was converted to 120 points. This makes redeeming your points easier—no more fractions, so all your points have a redeemable value—see just how your new points work. Points required for rewards have increased accordingly.
  • WIN Free Diapers AND Wipes for a year: a wonderful way to welcome the new program (who wouldn't want free diapers for a year?). Redeem points to enter, and there's a new winner every month. For full terms & conditions, click here.


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