Thursday, December 3, 2009

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

$100 Amazon Gift Card Winner - 12/3 + News!

Before I get to the big news, I've got a $100 Amazon Gift Card to give away. We've been doing this Swagstakes for a couple of months now were originally going go up until Thanksgiving. But, now things have changed and that's how Nicole H. of Georgetown, MA won her $100 Amazon Gift Card because she's this week's winner! Congratulations, Nicole!

As you may or may not know by now, entries for this Swagstakes start at just 1 Swag Buck per entry and I usually announce the winner on this blog every Thursday.

But, that's all changing. For 10 days.....

For the next 10 days, Swagbucks will be giving away one $100 Amazon Gift Card PER DAY! That means over the next 10 days, we'll be giving away $1,000 of spending money at or 10 people, 10 $100 Gift Cards. Same entry rules apply, the only thing that changes is that someone will win EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

This is......THE 10 DAYS OF AMAZON.

I'll announce the winner on this blog, every day, at 2PM PST.

Keep in mind, this IN ADDITION to our Gift Card Swagananza!

This is shaping up to be a pretty fun month.......

don't know what swagbucks are... go here


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