Monday, December 28, 2009

There is a new word-of-mouth marketing program called Go here to sign up, once you complete your profile you’re eligible for campaigns that they call missions. Your first mission is a Get to Know mission which is to spread the word about the program. In the first mission

You Will Receive:

  • The satisfaction of completing your first mission here at
  • Improved eligibility for future offers from today's hottest brands.
  • Smiles to boost your status.
Like other word-of-mouth programs, once you accept a mission you’re supposed to try the product and share your opinion of it with others.


  • Explore on this no-worries trial mission.
  • The mission is a trial but you'll earn real Smiles & Status.
  • Something to try while you wait for mission packages. lets you share at social media sites, on blogs and web sites, in emails, in person, and more.Whether you're on this a trial mission or any other, we're here to help!

Here's what you get out of it:
  • Knowing your opinions can make a real difference
  • Access to products and services, sometimes before the general public
  • Complimentary product samples or access to services so you can experience them for yourself
  • Exclusive perks—both Status (privileged access to campaigns) and Stuff (rewards and other little surprises)
Thanks Mashup Mom!


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