Monday, March 18, 2013

OMG It's Monday!

It is Monday..... how did that happen? Last week was Spring break for me in school and instead of being a good girl and staying on top of everything in school...... YEP you guessed it I did nothing. SO now I am struggling to catch up and stay ahead. So where did last week go?

For one I am participating in Mamavation's 2weekchallenge. Let me just say this right now....... LOT"S of hot baths! I realized how out of shape I am YET how a simple challenge can get me moving. I have been hitting my 10,000 steps AND doing the daily workout. Don't worry MrBookieboo I will get Pyramids in today as well. I have not weighed in this week because I truly want to see how the two weeks results are!

I have not been to the gym this past week. For one my mom being in has really messed with our schedules, but as I do not see her very often I made an exception this week. I am also SUPER proud of myself this weekend... Faith's 2 year birthday was Saturday and I did AWESOME!

I served cake and cupcakes, smoked chicken and pork, potato salad, baked beans, veggie tray, cucumber sandwiches, and stuffed strawberries. I ate around 4oz of the smoked chicken with only one teaspoon of BBQ sauce, tons and tons of veggies, about 15 cucumber sandwiches (party turned into a spa party lol) and only one stuffed strawberry. I drank some lemonade and water avoiding the sweet tea and soda. Oh course my kids and husband drank the tea as they do not drink soda, I was taken back by the number of kids who were allowed to drink soda though. Dinners have been okay but not great falling back on Subway since we have been so busy this last week.

Goal for this week: to hit the gym at least 3 days plus complete the 2weekchallenge. I also am praying about applying to be a Mamavation mom, I could do it this time as their is NO chance of getting pregnant during it lol :)



  1. Great job keeping up with the #2weekchallenge. And your little girl is adorable! Look at all that beautiful hair (my little girl is 8 now - she was bald until she was 2 or so!). :)

  2. Apply it is the BEST thing ever !!!!

  3. Great job on the party...that is also my goal this weekend. I am having my baby girl's princess tea party and am hoping to keep my food under control.

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