Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Child Safety Tip

How often do you take your kids shopping, the park, the mall, let them walk to school, etc? I am a BIG BIG worrier when it comes to my kids. After all we see on t.v. about kids coming up missing. Now we add in the fact that I am taking psychology and sociology classes. We panic, we love our kids, and all we can think of in an emergency is that we want them home safe in our arms, watching t.v, or staying up late sneaking a video game. BUT WHAT IF... that awful moment happens and we have to tell the police what they were wearing, what they look like etc..... Is the freckle on the left or the right, how about was the shirt yellow or did she win out and get the pink one today?!? Here is a tip I found floating on Facebook!
We never want to think it could happen to us..... but what is the worst we get if we do this and it doesn't...... A PHONE FULL of our beautiful kids!



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