Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mom Challenge Week One

Did you know only 20% of families report to eating together? Yep one in five say they eat occasionally. Truly what is the big deal of eating as a family? I mean when else do we have our kids stationary where we can talk to them and give them quality time. How about all of these benefits as well?

1. You and your child will talk more. Ask silly questions (to them not to us) favorite color, favorite outfit, etc.

2. You get to teach your child how to effectively communicate. Which is SOOOOO important. Because you don't want them to get older, get married and then end up at counseling to learn how to effectively get the point across to their spouse that they want them to do the dishes. Just saying. (Stole this one completely from Life a Fabuless Life, I love it and it is so true!)

3.Learn about what is happening at school and if there are things going on that need your attention. Talk about their sports, clubs, activities.

6. Praise your child during this time about something you noticed them working on, doing exceptionally well at, trying hard at, etc. This will give them the jumping block of self-esteem and confident to be less likely to try alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

7. Hooray! Drug free is the way to be! But that's not the only benefit that you and your kids are going to get from family dinners. Studies show that when families dine together we eat more fruits and veggies.

8. And you guessed it, eating more fruits and veggies means less than a chance for overweight kids.

9. Overweight and obese children (and adults for that matter) are at a higher risk for becoming depressed or having other emotional problems.

10. And after eating dinner together, learning all about how Suzy's BFF's new backpack is THE coolest thing ever and how Johnny's friend in preschool ate paste - again - you, MOM, feel awesome about yourself for having such awesome kids. And then your awesome kids will help you clear the table which makes for a less stressful, happier home.

All from taking the time to eat dinner together. Amazing right?

So the challenge this week is to eat dinner with your kids. Pick a few nights and make no excuses. Shift around your schedule (what could be more important than making your kids feel like drug free rock stars!?) work around practices, set the DVR, whatever it is. Make time this week to eat dinner with your kids.


Challenge set. Week 1. Eat dinner with your kids. At least 3 times this week. Eat with them. Talk. Eat. Laugh. 

Lets check back in on our progress on Saturday!

(Thanks Live a Fabulous Life)



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