Monday, April 25, 2011

Children's Claritin Review

 Both my boys have allergies so I was excited when Bzz Agent invited me to be a part of there Children's Claritin campaign.

I received both the dye free grape liquid and the grape chewable tablets to try with my two year old son, and my five year old son. My children hate medicine and refuse to take it. I decided to try the chewable tablets first. That first night there was no arguing, my five year old even told me he liked it! Test one was a pass ~ My kids ate it. Over the next five days we spent more and more time outside. The kids went from sneezing and coughing all night to sleeping peacefully. My two year old stayed two nights at his grandfathers house and there was no allergy reaction like there usually is. Test two was a complete pass. My only complaint is starting when school ends, we are cutting all artificial dyes from the boys diet. I really hope Claritin will consider making a dye free chewable in the near future.

Today we started the dye free liquid. My five year old drank it and then begged me not to make him drink it again. He hated it and I think it may be a little strong as his eyes watered. My two year old took a drink of it willingly and then proceeded to spit it out. When I tried to get him to drink more he refused rather loudly. 

Make sure you visit Claritin's website to print high value coupons and find out all about the Claritin family line of medicines. You can also follow Claritin on Facebook. Here is my thoughts in a nutshell.


  • Kids love the taste, I love the convience
  • Works great for full 24 hrs till next dose
  • Allowed us to be outside

  • 10 pack for $10, not cheap
  • contains red and blue artificial dyes


  • Dye Free, Sugar Free, Alcohol Free

  • My boys hated the taste and refuse to take it
  • Costs around $10.00

I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent. 


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