Friday, December 31, 2010

Get 60 EXTRA Swagbucks by signing up TODAY!!!

 Ending TODAY Swagbucks is giving  60 swagbucks just for signing up (that is 1/5 of a way to $5 Amazon gift card)!!  Swagbucks is a 100% free site that pays you in virtual money (called swagbucks) to search online and shop through their links. This is simple... instead of using google go through there search engine and win. You can cash out for TONS of prizes... my favorite it a $5.00 Amazon giftcard. 

Search & Win

I use Swagbucks to help me earn my Christmas money, and I am able to buy tons of FREE gifts each year on Amazon! I have cashed out for 35 Amazon giftcards since I joined in December 2009! That means in 1 year I have made $175 dollars JUST for doing things I was already doing!

What are you waiting for? THIS is truly FREE money and You'll earn 60 Swagbucks when you sign up HERE and enter the code JoinIn2010!

I have some tips to help make your account with Swagbucks make the most money!!

*Do the Daily Poll every day= 1 point each day for answering a question
*Visit Trusted Surveys every day = 1 point each day and you DO NOT have to do the surveys

*Scroll through No Obligation Special Offers = 1 point each day,  just scroll through the offers and after a few times of pushing skip you will be rewarded

*Use their search engine. I search for things like facebook, amazon, ebay, yahoo, google and other sites I am going to visit for the day. I usually win something doing just this. ALSO if I need to search for something I use the search engine.... IF I cant find it I then switch to google.

*Tell all your friends - You win when they win for the first 1000 Swagbucks they win while using the search engine!

**Become a "fan" of Swagbucks on Facebook.  Sometimes they post bonus codes that you can add to your account. 

**Publish your Swagbucks winnings on Facebook - when you "win"  bucks, there is an option of posting your win on your wall.

**Read the Swagbucks blog. Bonus codes are posted here, as well.

**Sign up for the Swagbucks newsletter. Sometimes there is bonus codes in the newsletter.

**Post the Swidget on your blog or your Facebook page. You can download it here. You can also just visit this blog and look at the one posted on the bottom right hand side!!

(PLEASE NOTE anything that has **means you can earn bonus codes. To add your bonus codes make sure you are logged onto Swagbucks and on the right hand side there is a box that says account summary. Enter the bonus code EXACTLY as it appears in the enter swag code box. You should then see your balance reflect the amount!!)

PLEASE ALSO NOTE there are other ways to earn swagbucks.... using coupons, playing games, watching videos, etc but these are things that I dont do and so I can not really comment on them. ALSO if your shopping online make sure you use the special offers. I try to post offers that you can use swagbucks on this blog!



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