Friday, October 29, 2010

Custom Warm Fleece Blankets $12.99/each shipped

Picture the scene. It’s a quiet night in and you have date with some DVDs. The windows are opened and chilled blustery gust of wind comes rushing into the house. What you need is thick blanket to wrap you up and keep you warm inside. That’s wear today’s blankets deal will come very handy.

Personalize your own blankets with happy memories of photos to make it even warmer than it should. Use the coupon below for a special wintery offer with prices starting from just $12.99/each for both mini blankets, $24.99 for medium-sized and the grand extra large version on sale at $32.99. All prices include free shipping!

Coupon Code: WARMBLKTS
Expiry Date: 11/15/2010

Great Christmas gift ideas for kids and elderly. 



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