Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arts Cow 2x Mini Coin Purse $4 + free shipping

Inspire friends and family to make unique and personal Christmas gifts with this fabulous offer from ArtsCow. So popular amongst our members, the mini coin purse has been receiving positive feedback from all angles that we had to bring this back before we hit the busy Christmas shopping peak season.

Get 2 mini coin purses for only $4, including free worldwide shipping. Not only do they look amazing with vibrant colors and attention to detail shining through, but its practicality will offer its users with the great convenience. Large enough to slip in credit card and keys, these are perfect presents for all.
Coupon Code: 2PURSE44
Expiry Date: 11/15/2010
Use our free design templates from our professional artists for ideas.

I bought these as Christmas gifts last year and they were a hit! Make sure you order soon so they will be here in time.


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