Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YMCA and Me

233...... Yep 233 is my current weight. That is ALOT but for me it is great! I started this year at just under 250. That is the highest I have been at since 2004..... That number has been my wake up call. I will NEVER see that number on a scale again.

I realize now I have been blogging for almost 3 years. WOW, what has once been a couponing and giveaway blog is beginning to take on the saving my life blog. I am seeing my life in new light..... One where my education, health, family, and friends take more priority than extra money or new things. I am not saying that is all nice, just that my focus has changed. Looking back I remember the scale saying 350 after the stillbirth of my daughter in 2001. I had hit an all time low in my life. Horrible marriage, abuse, low self esteem, and now losing the one thing that could have loved me. Three children later I am realizing them lving me is NOT the issue..... me Loving me is the issue.

Yes I know I should love myself as I am and accept myself but I simply can not. I have become lazy, self condemning, and a quitter over the years. This is not okay and it is not a person I can love. So I am making some changes.....

Ken and I joined the local YMCA this month. This was a huge step for us and also an accountability measure. See the accountability in it is that if I am going to pay for something I am going to use it (the frugal comes out in me). We got a family membership and although it is a small center in the middle of no where, it gave us the one most important feature we needed to succeed...... CHILDCARE!

Yesterday was our first day using the center. I kept my heart rate at 175 for the entire time I was there. I would love to tell you I worked out for an hr or two but in truth I died minutes after starting. In the end I accomplished one mile on the Elliptical, .5 mile on the treadmill, 2 miles cycling and a .5 walk. It is not much and to those that work out that is probably a warm up BUT for me it was GREAT! Before leaving I scheduled myself for a workout routine session and a trainer session which will take place Thursday evening. After leaving the Y, Ken and I stopped at Subway where we both ate a 6inch (mine on wheat his on flat bread) of chicken breast and ALL the veggies, no cheese no mayo but a little red vinegar.

This is a SLOW process but one I am excited to begin and share. The trainer told me something that hit a chord with me yesterday:
My weight loss is: me cooking in a slow cooker not a microwave... a healthier choice but one that requires patience!



  1. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! I am so so proud of you!!!

    1. Thanks lady.... know you are such an inspiration to me!


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