Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grinch Dinner 2012

I know Christmas is over and most of you can wait the next 350 days till it comes again, BUT I had to write this post. Christmas was very busy in our house and I never got to write about our Grinch Dinner. I wish I could take credit for the idea (since it is so killer) but the idea actually came from KT's Cooking blog. I did change some things from how she did it, and made it more for us....
Hubby took the kids to town to do some grocery shopping and I put this all together. He called me when he was close and I laid in bed "sleeping" to let Astro our Elf on the Shelf take credit for tonight's wonder. 

We had Who's Roast Beast which was a store bought rotisserie chicken. I bought it the day before then covered it in aluminum foil and baked it for 1hr to reheat. We had Who's Hash (not pictured) which was store bought diced potatoes, chopped up onion, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, small tub of french onion dip, chopped up son red bell pepper and topped with cheddar cheese. Bake about 2 hours at 350. There was also Grinch Punch which was simply sprite and then vanilla ice cream on top. You could use lime sherbert if your family likes it, more grinchy. For dessert was Who's Pudding and this my friends is legit.... Straight from Dr. Seuss

Top it off with Astro bringing us the Grinch movie and grabbing out our Grinch cartoon.... We think we knew what he had in mind. 
We had a blast that night. The kids were so happy and it is a memory we will treasure. I am sure we will have more years of Grinch Dinner memories to make!


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