Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year 2013: New ME

So the world did NOT end on December 21, 2012. How do I know..... well it is indeed 2013 and a new year which means a new me. I set resolutions every year but they are always the same. I tell myself I will lose weight, I will stop drinking soda, etc. This year is no different but I am adding more profound things to the list as well. I am really ready for a new me and this is the year I will do it!

I mean I have accomplished a lot of the years. I have three wonderful kids who are the love of my life, a husband that constantly either drives me insane or madly in love with him, I went back to high school ten years after the fact and graduated, I am almost to my associates degree with a 3.91 gpa, I am a director in Scentsy Family, and I am finally gaining self confidence. I am still NOT satisfied. I want more!

So here they are my 2013 New Years Resolutions:
  • Lose weight. This is top and foremost. But instead of just saying it I have a plan! All soda is BANNED from my house. If you want a soda leave! I will be counting my calories using If your a member look me up ( I also will be exercising more, starting with the 30 day shred. NOW I know I tried it before and when I could not do the whole video I gave up and never tried it again. I won't do that this time..... I will keep pushing each day to do FURTHER till I can do the whole thing.
  • Work my business like a business. Instead of simply hoping my business works itself I am going to start getting out there and working it.
  • School will be more a priority! I know I am a good student/learner and I take advantage of that. Instead of studying I wait till the last minute and cram and pass. Well last semester it caught up to me and instead of all A's I got one B since I waited till the last minute and ran out of time to turn things in. This WILL not happen this semester.
  • Be a better steward of time and organization. There is only 24 hours in a day and I seem to not use them very well. I am going to make a schedule this weekend and start following it. Blogging, school, facebook, down time, kids activities will all be on it. I WILL get more done because I will not be wasting time!
  • Make my marriage stronger! Date night once a month at least has to be a priority. I finally realized this year that one of our biggest problems is we were NEVER a coupl but instead a family from day one. We have to learn how to be a couple instead of always mom and dad.
  • Get out of debt..... with our income tax we should basically be able to pay off almost if not all our debt. I want to keep it that way this year instead of falling back on the dreaded credit cards all the time. 
So here they are in a nutshell. This is what I want to accomplish in 2013 and I  have 52 weeks to do it in. I will be blogging more and hoping you will follow my progress on it. Whats your resolutions this year? How will 2013 be a better year than 2012 was in YOUR life?



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