Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 1 Day 1 C25K

Oh my... I am alive. I thought last night I might die. I decided to begin doing the couch 25k program. I was so nervous about doing it..... I am NOT a runner I am a crawler lol. So hubby came home from work and off to the YMCA we went. Drop the kids of at their workout aka childcare and to the gym we went.

I hesitantly approached the dreaded treadmill and turned on my music. I have to say it was hard.... okay really hard and I am sure I sounded like a dying cow BUT I completed the day one challenge. I really attribute a lot of my success to three things....
  1. Hubby doing the elliptical next to me not even sweating or panting hard (can I say I hate men).
  2. My best friend is two hours away doing the same thing as me.
  3. My rocking workout playlist. (I will post that this Monday)
 After nearly dying on the treadmill I walked (okay kinda of wobbled, picture cooked spaghetti walking and that's what I looked like) over to my bikes. I did 4 miles on the bike while again my husband worked out on the treadmill watching tv and breathing fine. The YMCA trainer spotted me on the bike and came over to make sure I would be at my session tonight..... oh no I'm going to die.

Ken decided he would begin to blog with me this time. We are committed to this process of healthy living. Ken will be blogging here on this blog with me..... look for his first post this weekend. I am so excited to share this journey of our life with all of you. Look for our beginning photos this weekend... Until next time drink some water :)



  1. I WAS sweating lol!

    1. Ken we are getting you a google Id tonight <31

  2. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! :) Best friend who lives 2 hours away my butt. I live 1 hour and 45 minutes away! :) You can do this!! :) We both can! And we we are done, we will be able to beat up our husbands because women are better than men. :)


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