Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have started journaling for my kids. I have always had the idea to write journals for them talking about their life as kids and things about me. These are their books, yet I am not sure when they will actually obtain them. As of right now I have only written a letter on the first page for them, explaining why I started the books. I WILL be sitting down tonight to journal though and make this a priority.

I bought the cutest journals. The best thing about them is that they are Eco friendly AND made in the USA! Check them out on amazon. The point behind me finally beginning them is our story is so important, its important to remind us and to tell. It does not matter where you are at in your life.

You don't have to journal for your kids. You could journal about your life for you, write a journal for you husband/wife, write about your climb through school or a job, the possibilities are endless.

We are our worst enemies. I know for me I never see anything good in myself. I am a stay at home mom of three kids, I sometimes blog, I go to college, but this is not where I seen my life when I was 17 years old. I am going to be 29 next week and I seen my life as having a college degree, owning (not renting) a house, a career, yes married, and maybe kids, but definitely not paycheck to paycheck. See since I dropped out of school 11 years ago, everything in my plans changed. What I need to remember, and be able to look back on is:
I graduated from an ACTUAL High School on my 10 year reunion.                                    I have three WONDERFUL children who are loved and adored                                          I am in my 4th semester of college and STILL have a 4.0                                                    I have four business' I LOVE!                                                                                                I am making a name for myself with Scentsy Family and even earned a PAID trip for hubby and I to the Dominican.
The thing is I could go on and on, but unless I am writing them down I will rarely remind myself of them. For now I am sticking to my three journals for my kids. In there I can share stories of them and myself. In time (when I have time) I may go on to write others, for my husband, myself, etc.

Do you journal? Do you have a special time, place, routine? Share with me your thoughts and how you include this important activity in our busy lives!


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