Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bambi Combo Pack Blu-Ray (pre-order) $18 + Free Shipping

Bambi Combo Pack Blu-Ray (pre-order) $18 + Free Shipping  Amazon is offering a $10 off Coupon for Bambi Diamond Edition Combo Pack (Blu-Ray) with free shipping with Prime (free student or parent/caregiver accounts available) or if you spend $25 or more. Thanks iNCREDiPiNOY
Please note, this is a pre-order with a release date March 01, 2011.
  1. Click here and select your coupon (under "your coupon book")
  2. Click "pre-order, add to cart"
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Total should be $17.99
I think this is how Disney works...

If it is a classical movie that is being ported to Blu Ray then the coupons will be for $10.00 (i.e. TS1/2, JaTGP, BATB,) however if it is a new release then the coupon is $8 (TS3, Prince of Persia).

If my assumptions are correct then the Disney manufacturer's coupons for this should be $10...
Note: as we get closer to the release date the price could drop :) It should reflect the current price or less when you order it.



  1. Hooray. A childhood favorite! Thanks Jess!

  2. You are very welcome. Im not sure if Im getting this or not since the kids have the dvd that was released a couple years ago :/


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